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Sunflower Fields At Lisbon September 2023

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

After I finished taking my Comp, I decided to take two weeks off. Comp studying is darn hard and I needed a mental break. Burn out is real hence it is important to take some time off. I took some time off and I decided to cross off my bucket list. First thing on my bucketlist is visiting the sunflower fields in Maryland. Maryland has so many sunflower fields and the season was almost ending. It was an hour road trip but worth it. When we arrived in Fulton, Maryland- we saw such beautiful sunflower farms. Meriam had a blast however, she was terrified by bees. They were ALOT of bees. If you are allergic to bees, i recommend staying away from the fields.

Meriam loved picking out the sunflowers. We even cut a few home and snagged many pictures as possible.

I recommend going later in the afternoon when its not too hot. Meriam enjoyed doing the slides. She climbed the hay stacks and she even saw a tractor. I am glad I got experience nature with my baby.

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