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Doctor’s Day March 22nd, 2024

Ever since I was a teen, I dreamt the day I would attend an elementary school where my child attends to do a presentation like this!! AND I FREAKING MANIFESTED IT!!!! Today was my first official visit as a student doctor at Meriam’s school and I was joined with one of my med school friends, Sarah! There were about 20 kids. We brought stethoscopes, stickers, masks for each kids and so many cute little dinosaur band-aids. Working with younger children, their attention span is about 4-15 minutes lol was fun! The session was entirely interactive. We asked the kids what do they know about doctor’s day, why do you go to a doctor? Is the doctor scary? And they did such a tremendous job with answering questions and paying attention. The kids were such a ball of entertainment, you could see how engaged they were!

Each kids received their own stethoscope and did surgery and boo-boos on a a teddy bear. This interactive session was called teddy bear clinic! Each kid engaged with a teddy bear and asked numerous questions. Their minds were bursting with curiosity. They listened to the bear’s heartbeat, tummy sounds, and lung sounds. They asked budding questions and started to make connections between a doctor’s importance when they are sick. Remember these children are between the ages 3-5 years old. They best learn through play and I support this method of learning.

After the end of the session, the students were asked questions what they learned about today and took home so many fun stickers and their own stethoscopes!! What a fun day <3 I hope to come back next year for the kiddos!!!!

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