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2024: A year setting goals, minor setbacks, and growth mindset. Ramadan. Doctor’s Day. Sickness. And Much More :)

2024 started off on a Monday. New planner. New Goals. And a lot of hard work. Owning a planner is game changer. It is important to map out the days and the weeks thus allowing you to stick to a goal. I have mapped out two years of my life after I take USMLE Step 1. I hope God allows my plan to go through. After I have failed the NBME, I broke down. It was only two points but I realized I can come back stronger. Now I started March with utmost confidence and mindset to kill it and sit for USMLE step 1.

USMLE step 1: dedicated period started again during Ramadan. It’s actually more beneficial for me.I will be more spiritual and more focused. I decided to do questions from AMBOSS, Uworld, read First Aid, and do all my flashcards and notebooks. But I know myself. I can do this.

Sickness: BROOOO If words could explain the back to back sickness Meriam went through. UFFF l.ol. Whirlwind. She had a minor cold, viral gastroenteritis, scarlet fever, and mild laryngitis. We have fought a lot of these bugs with symptomatic care. Except for scarlet fever, we needed antibiotics for that!

Ramadan: Starting on March 10th. I have made so many plans for iftar, decorating, and writing down my spiritual goals. I plan to finish all 6 prayers, fast, read the Quran, study and have faith in God. I have listed out charities that I want to donate too. Muslim Bereavement families, Gaza, my cousin Samona, and our house maid.

Doctor’s Day: Set on March 22nd at 1pm at Superhero School!!!!! My friend Sarah and I are doing doctor’s day. We have toys and fun Knick knacks planned for the kids. The team and I are planning to show the kids what a real stethoscopes, print out of radiology images, tongue depressors, band aids, clipboards and they even get their own play toy stethoscopes. The fact when I was younger, I have always wanted to go to my child’s school and do a presentation. The fact I have manifested it and it is happening. I am SCREAMMINNG!!!

Furthermore, I took my DSLR out when it was raining and captured a really cool picture of a bird.

Happy thoughts happy vibes

Will update more later XOXO


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