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Go-To Items For Personal Use or  Gift Giving.

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Attention all coffee lovers and (non-coffee lovers), if I have to recommend anything that I believe is a household necessity, it would be a Nespresso. I discovered the Nespresso while I was in school (so much better than Starbucks and a Keurig folks!). A single shot of espresso is all I need to power through some power studying for school. The espresso is rich and very thick. Also, you can add a milk frother to give it a more foamy or milky taste. I prefer mine dark and not foamy lol. It is a staple product for me. And it is a perfect gift for all of the coffee lovers. Highly recommend this!!!!

Click Here For Nespresso

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Abercrombie Joggers

Cozy Joggers!! Another staple for me. I am a huge fan of Abercrombie and Fitch Joggers (literally wear them year round). These joggers are my particular favorite. They are very soft and have a cute satin tie. Very easy to wear inside and outside of your home. Plus, they come in matching sets and variety of different colors. These are perfect for gift giving too. Also, since these are my favorite jogger right now,I bought them in very color. I highly recommend these cozy joggers. 


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Having a perfect planner is very essential for me. As many of you know, I am a girl that likes to structure her days out and have a list of things I like to write out (then cross them out as I go). Personally, digital planners never worked for me. But I do make an effort to sync all of iCal to help me keep track of important events. I recommend a planner for any individual who likes write down everything on paper and carry it with them. They're many planner websites I can recommend like Passion Planner or Erin Condren. Of you may even go to Target, Walmart, or any store to pick up a planner. It all depends what you want. My favorite is the Happy Planner (click), it has tabs, adorable and motivational quotes, and the layout is perfect for my meticulous personality. 

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One of the best investments I have made. The Roomba is NOT cheap. But it saves me a lot of time when it comes to vacuuming. The Roomba can be controlled from your phone remotely and it clean your space for up to two hours. Then it will go back to its charging station. It can clean in hard to reach places. Although I do love cleaning, it can be tiring when you are in school and a mom. I can only juggle so many hats. Love this gizmo because I can come home to an already vacuumed floor and it can clean up after the mess Meriam makes (link).

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