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For years, I've dreamt to serve as a useful source to those seeking inspiration, or guidance. I have juggled many hats every day, ranging from school, a job, volunteering, medicine, and being a parent (the most challenging job ever). I have this desire to write about my passions, my educational journey, being a parent, and, other life hobbies. I wanted to express my thoughts and encourage my readers that there will be brighter days in this world. One of the greatest lessons I have learned in my life is to perceive the beauty in every task. Knowing that I am blessed to wake up every morning and watch the sunrise is something I am very thankful for. I am starting each day with a fresh mindset. Sometimes, it's difficult to face the reality of this world because it CAN get chaotic. I have immensely struggled with it. But with a positive outlook, I realized that there are ways I can manage my life while pursuing my dream to become a doctor.  I created Ash Sarah Med Blog with a mission to give others a taste of what goes on in my mind, and share the beautiful things in my life. This is just a snippet of my life that I will write about. My purpose is to create a creative outlet for individuals budding with desires. 

Take some time to explore the blog, read something interesting, and feel free to reach out if you would like to collaborate on a project together. 

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Commonly Asked Questions

  1. Why become a doctor?

It was always my childhood dream to become a doctor. Scary as it sounds, but I love walking in the hospital and knowing I could have the potential to save lives and educate patients about their health. I admire the strength of trust between the patient and the doctor when it comes to their health. I love children and I knew I primarily wanted to focus on children. Going into the peds field has so many prospects and disciplines to provide children the upmost care. Plus I don't mind helicopter parents ( I am very protective of my child too). 

2. When is it a good time to have kids?

My honest opinion on that, is NEVER! You can plan as much as you want and become financially independent, but personally, I don't believe there will EVER be a good time to have children. Children are a blessing from God. One must understand the concept that being a parent will REQUIRE many sacrifices (sleepless nights, no more going out, becoming a homebody, and majority of your income goes to your child's well being). Your child's need becomes your priority.  But that's okay! When your child wraps their tiny arms around you, your entire world melts. A lot is put into perspective knowing that your child looks up to you and naturally, you want to work hard for them. That's why there is NEVER a good time to have kids. You just have to have the right mentality, discipline, and understanding that it's not going to be easy. I had a child while I was in school and I DO NOT regret it. Was it stressful? Yes, because children are very unpredictable. I used to study with my newborn in my arms. Of course, I plan to have more in the future (even if I am in school). I would love to expand my family, therefore, my education is not going to halt as I plan to expand. I think the better question to ask if you are ready to take on a role of a parent and commit to it with unpredictable challenges? Because if you are, I think you would be able to handle parenthood.

3. How do you study in school with a kid?

There is a blog post about this and I will explain in detail how I manage this!

4. What is your daily routine? That is including school and your child's routine? 

Having a routine is really beneficial because it helps you structure your day and then you can fill in your day with the tasks that needs to be done. For example, I am a morning person. I wake up at 5/5:30am for my morning prayer, coffee, exercise, make a to-do list before my toddler wakes up. Sometimes, I won't do anything besides watch the sunrise! Then after my toddler is awake, fed, she's off to her grammy. The next 5 to 6 hours I efficiently study, watch my lectures and then I study more. I hide my phone so I am not tempted to scroll my Instagram. I wipe out all distractions to help me maintain my focus. 

I encourage to have a to-do list or planner, and cross them out as you complete them. Some days, I like to be spontaneous and have fun! Each memory I make with my family is always positive. I want my daughter growing up remembering a happy childhood. I don't want to see my child remembering me as a stressed out parent.

5. What are your study tips?

 I have a post about this too and about outside resources I have utilized. Check out my school tab! You will find great resource there. 

6. Where did you go to college? What kind of activities were you involved in college?

I went to my local state school: George Mason University for my undergraduate. During my gap years, I worked with children as a Teacher Assistant at a private school and studied for healthcare professional entrance exams. Afterwards, I went to Drexel University in Philadelphia and obtained my Master's in Interdisciplinary Health Science. Then, I went to the University of Pennsylvania. Proud Quaker!!! Furthermore, I conducted two research projects in Philadelphia; One of my research focused on a target drug called damancanthal and how it can slow down HIV by blocking certain biochemical pathways ( I don't want to get too technical). My second research focused on pediatric compliance in dentistry and medicine in the Greater Area of Philadelphia. Unfortunately, my research was not published. But that is my next goal in life!  My other activities was tutoring children, volunteering in domestic violence shelters, playtime with children who endured domestic abuse, played tennis, neuro-anthropology projects, painting, reading books, photography and hike/explore nature. I've spent a lot of time building a cohesive resume.  I am a nerd at heart! Bottom line is do what you love! You'll be more motivated to stick with that particular task if you love it!

7. What advice can you give about an ideal relationship? 

HAHA! I am actually very terrible in this category but I've seen such healthy and positive  relationships with family and friends so I can offer some great advice. Relationships that are very strong usually require sacrifice and mutual understanding. Communication is key. Not everything will always be balanced but you got to make it work. Patience and honesty is another big factor. Respecting space and establishing trust is another factor. It takes a long time to build a healthy relationship or marriage but if two people love each other, NOTHING should matter. Everyone is created by God to look different and if your criteria is based on physical appearance then, unfortunately, you have some insecurities that you have to work on. My female friends have six figure salaries, don't look like Hollywood Girls, and they are with men who don't even make six figure, but they have strong communication. That is WEALTH!  Their relationship is not based on money, but purely communication, trust, and love. Looks should not matter, it's the heart that counts.  If you want more advice, I would head over to Laura Scott's Blog ( where she talks about her relationship with her husband.  Now in a relationship/marriage, especially if children are involved, it's really hard to balance. Therefore, I personally don't believe there is a balance in a marriage/relationship (rare for a Libra to think that since we love balance) because one individual will take up more work than the others. In this situation, one must reflect and acknowledge that, then, find ways to help comprise. Plus, love has no boundaries. No matter how far the individual is, distance should NOT hinder your relationship. I understand its not easy because you are missing the physical connection. If you truly love that person, make it work. Don't find excuses. There will always be a reason why it won't work, but relationships that last are usually the product of hard work. It takes effort on BOTH sides. If you feel it is one-side, communicate and express your feelings. Don't hide behind a closed door because in reality, your partner is not a psychic so they don't know what you might be thinking. Make it work!

8. What is the name of your daughter?

Meriam Alisha. Meriam is the Arabic version of Mary. Alisha​ means protected by God in Arabic. We call her Minnah (which means gift from God) or Emma. 

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