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Traveling to School During the Pandemic

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

Have you ever thought that there will ever be a pandemic in our lifetime? Have you ever thought your life would pause momentarily? Let me tell you something! I never assumed that would happen! Boy, did my life turn around !!! (like I don't have enough on my plate, please add the pandemic to the mix).

I'm sure you guys know how much I love to be prepared! I hate surprises. My life is always full of surprises. The universe loves to mess with me. The school's reopening had me in shock, I was prepared to stay near my family and continue studying medicine at the comfort of my home! My own home!! But God had another plan for me. In this situation, I have to trust the process.

By the way I am about to go off tangent for a bit, I am writing this on post on my flight (currently, it is 8:10am on American Airlines, listening to Rauw Alejandro song called Nubes). I did not have time to eat breakfast this morning. Meriam woke up at 3am (secretly, I think she knew I was leaving today). We were cuddling and snuggling until 4:32am. I told my mom to take her upstairs. I didn't want her to see me leave (we would be both heartbroken). My brothers helped load my luggage into Rowan (I named my Nissan Rogue lol) and then we gunned it to DCA. My father came to help too. We thought I was going to miss my flight because we were running behind schedule. My brothers drove at 80 mph and went through every EZ pass lol. This is a BIG CHANGE for all of us! The departure, this time, was more difficult than any other time I was school-bound. I guess, I have more on my mind and more reasons to make frequent visits at home.

All of my friends and family kept reminding me who I am doing this for! My baby girl, Meriam Alisha, I won't let you down my superhero!

Let's continue where I left off, traveling in the pandemic? Oh yeah! Pain in the a**. Although, I appreciate the precautions that are placed to keep us safe, it's just extra work I hate doing . Please get vaccinated folks, don't find idiotic reasons why the vaccine is not safe. I tell you WHAT IS NOT SAFE: smoking, recreational drugs, eating a darn cheeseburger every day! (RIP to your HDL/LDL Ratio). Each of these are detrimental to your health.

I packed a lot to decorate my room and my study space. I actually made a quick post under my lifestyle tab (please go check it out) and see what items I have bought for school. I packed about 6 bags and got them checked in at AA counter. Yes, I had to pay extra for my bags (about $870-traveling to school is expensive). Luckily, the guy who checked me in was really nice and helped me with my bag plus he was extremely shocked how strong I was as I picked the bags up to be weighted ( a compliment for me :) I hate feeling weak).

Once I was checked in and received my boarding pass, it was really smooth sailing from there. DCA TSA did not take out my laptop/iPad etc (Thank the Lord, because I do carry a lot of tech). Once I was screened, I arrived at Gate 45 and luckily they just started boarding. As we took off, I did cry silently. As my tears rolled down my face, I prayed silently in my heart that God will make it easy for me and help me accomplish my task. To become a successful doctor. They say sacrifices are made to obtain the fruits of your hard work. All I can do now is work hard, maintain my focus, eliminate distractions, and be a good doctor.

Once I arrive to my destination, our school representative is going to pick us up from the airport and quarantine us into their housing. We are going to get locators placed on our wrist so we don't leave the premise of our quarantine rooms ( LOL, they are pretty strict). Also, my quarantine room is going to be my actual room. Thankfully I don't have to pull my luggage around lol. The school plans to quarantine us for two days once they receive the negative COVID-19 PCR test (they are going to swab us at the airport again). They will deliver food to my room. But I plan to be productive while I am in quarantine.

First thing I'll do is unpack and start placing my items in my room (definitely order some food- I will be famished and maybe a grab cup of coffee too). We start school on Monday and I should be out of quarantine then. To all of the students traveling in the pandemic, remember, to bring hard copies of your COVID test, school's letter, or whatever you need. I printed out everything I need just in case, thankfully, it reduced my stress when I had the hard copies (because they did ask to see the print out).

Traveling to another area for school is NOT easy! I had the option to Fedex my stuff but it would not arrive on time so I would pack everything YOU need (pay the extra fee) and then have your family Fedex the least important stuff later. Now if you don't have the finances, then I recommend packing WHAT YOU NEED, and then try to shop around in the area if you have time. I didn't do that because I knew I wouldn't have time. Also, I met really nice people on my flights. It is interesting how is the world connected. I am honestly very blessed to meet kind people as I go. They say kindness attracts kindness :D

Before I left, I had a lovely send off from so many of friends, neighbors, and my family. Although I am traveling very far to complete my medical education. It feels so weird to leave my home after so many years. I had a hard time adjusting in Herndon but then thankfully. it all went smooth afterwards. Now I am missing Herndon alot. I am going to miss taking Meriam out for our long walks/playtime. Herndon is Meriam's home. I could not take her away from her home yet. Especially during these crazy times!

My plane just started descending so I believe its best to wrap up my last thoughts. Please carry extra masks, hand sanitizers, wipes, etc whatever you need. Bring a copy of your COVID negative result. And dress comfortably. Being on a plane for a while is very uncomfortable. The pandemic has made traveling so complicated. This is no way is me trying to discourage you! Rather, take my thoughts as a source of preparation for your upcoming flights.

Wish you safe travels!


Love Always, Ash

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