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Welcome Friends!

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

First of all, I want to thank you for reading my blog! This site is designed to serve as a source of insight and inspiration. I always reiterate this, by no means, I have everything figured out. Because, in reality, I REALLY, don't. One of the many questions I receive is, why blogging? During my educational journey, I would always read other successful women blog (in medicine or not) as a source of inspiration and insight. These women are thriving while encouraging other readers to never give up on your dreams. I always wanted to blog but I never had the courage to do so. Over the years, with a lot of support and encouragement, I have stepped out of my shell and decided to chase after my desires. Life is NOT easy! It was NEVER meant to be easy! I, personally believe, that every moment and event in your life encompasses a valuable lesson. A life lesson. It can be positive or negative, regardless of the circumstances, my piece of advice is to always TRY your best to learn from it!

A little about myself, I am student doctor! I am very passionate when it comes to children, therefore, I want to be a doctor focusing primarily on children. Why I am so passionate about children requires another post (myriad of reasons !!). I am a non-traditional student. During my gap years, I obtained a Master's degree, traveled, became a mother, had a job, and established new hobbies. Although, my journey of becoming a doctor is long and tumultuous, if I didn't pursue my dreams, I would always feel incomplete.

How am I balancing motherhood and studying in school?

HELP!! I have LOTS and LOTS of help! My piece of advice for women pursuing a career in healthcare and have children, is to ask for help. It can be your friend, family, daycare, nannies, etc etc. ASK FOR HELP!! And utilize that time to power study or whatever task you have in hand! I am also a morning person. I thrive in the morning and I do whatever major task I have to do before my daughter is up! Even if I don't have any tasks to do (which is very rare for me :'( ), I sit down and meditate with a cup of coffee. Then I exercise! It's a good way to get your energy boosting!

I hope you enjoy my content! My life rule I strictly follow and always remember (I encourage my readers to establish core values too, because in the long run, it really weeds out the good people from the negative people):

  1. Faith

  2. Know your WORTH

  3. You CAN do it

  4. Be HONEST

  5. Treat people the way YOU want to be treated (KINDNESS)

  6. Always be HELPFUL and COURAGEOUS

Your Friend,


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