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Half-way through M2! Success. Strength. New Leadership Roles. Further Challenges.

What a ride semester 3 was! I never ever want to go through that again! In medical school, semester 3 is the hardest semester, aka, the "weed out" semester. This module is where students are challenged in their academic and clinical curriculum. The classes are long, the amount of work I put in is tremendous, the stress is high, and the lack of sleep increases due to the substantial amount of studying. Our exams, this module, were weighted heavily, if you score below average, you had a risk of failing. By far, that was my worst nightmare.

Module 1: topics covered were microbiology (viruses, bacteria, parasites) , autonomic pharmacology, antibiotics, pathology, neoplasia, cancer and tumor markers, behavioral health, vaccines, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. IT WAS ALOT. The classes were long too. Classes started at 8am and went until 7pm EVERYDAY!!! We only had the weekend to catch up. I was only getting 5 hours of sleep that. How I succeeded in this module: I watched sketchy micro and did the Anki decks for those, boards and beyond for autonomic pharm, watched chapters 1 to 3 from pathoma, did anki decks for those, watched the professor lectures, did alot of pratcice questions. At this point, there was not enough time to study all of this is in 6 weeks. Talk about misery! But by the grace of God, I made it and I am forever grateful to Him :)

Module 2: GI Pathology, Clinical Medicine, GI Micro, GI Pharm and Renal Anatomy, Embryology, Physiology, and Pharm. This module was my LEAST. favorite! I preferred module 1 and 3 over this!. I actually fell sick during the module too, so my exam scores were low. I did well on GI Path, I watch Pathoma and did the Anki Cards for those. Then I did alot of practice questions. Renal was my least favorite, I watched boards and beyond, Ninja Nerd and did a whole bunch of PQs. However, because of my sickness, I was on pain medications, I was NOT in the right mindset.I scored a 60.33% on my test. That's the LOWEST I have ever scored. My confidence was shattered. I have a good group of friends who helped me made my schedule so I can ace module 3.

Module 3: Reproductive Anatomy, Physiology, Embryology, Pharm.

This is my favorite module. I aced repro. How I aced repro was based on my consistent study schedule, understanding the material, and doing lots of practice questions. I was studying about 13 hours every day!!! I ended scoring an 81% on this test. How I did well on this module: Firstly, the teachers were amazing, the lectures, were easy to follow and understand. Secondly, I watched Boards and Beyond, I did a whole bunch of Practice Questions for Repro (using USMLE-Rx). The key to doing well in this module was PQs!!!!

LASTLY, we had two finals back to back and that was insane.! The final was NBME style and I used alot of PQ's and Anki cards for those! Luckily, I did well on the final and I flew back home the next day. Boy, was I exhausted!!! I hibernated for a week.

This semester, I was juggling a new role too. This is my first leadership role. I was elected to become a community service coordinator for the Pediatrics Interest Group. However, it was alot of work. I worked so hard planning community service events while I was studying for module 1. It was HECTIC! Part of me wanted to give up, and other part of me was like NO! This is a challenge, and with all challenges, you can overcome them! I am blessed to be involved in such eye-opening and engaging events: I have planned Grantley School Presentation and Kid's Fest for Medical School Family. Grantley School presentation: This presentation focused on child mental health; we discussed about what triggers different types of emotions and how to manage it, how to live life during the Pandemic, how to control your emotions and above all, mindful breathing. We watched the movie "Inside Out". It was so enlightening to engage with children and discuss about mental health. The second event I planned was Kid's Fest for Medical School Families. This is a type of festival in the children whose parents are medical school students, play and have fun. It also gives the parents a break from studying too. The activities included face painting, water balls, Teddy Bear Clinic, moon bounce and lots of amazing food!!!

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